Windows 10 21h2 Or Windows 11 Latest Os

The name of the printer you are trying to connect should show up. If you don’t know the exact name of your printer, check the device or the manual. The complete details, including the model number, should be easy to find. If you are running Windows 10 20H2, 2004, or 21H1, you can access the widgets panel from the taskbar. If the option is not available for you, right-click on the taskbar and enable “News and Interests”. You will then see the weather widget in the taskbar, which on clicking, will display the widgets panel.

  • And right now, Windows 10 is the world’s most popular desktop operating system, with a share that gets close to 60 percent.
  • Set IP address, check hostname and enable network discovery.
  • So, Microsoft decided to launch Windows 11 for all users.

Create a shared folder to save all the network files and folders you want to sync. Usually, it consists of two backslashes and the IP address or hostname, followed by the shared folder. In any case, after you finish installing the new driver versions for the appropriate devices, you have to close all active programs and then restart your PC to finish things. Only after a reboot are the new drivers guaranteed to begin their work. At this point, you have to launch Steam and then open Path of Exile. Play the game and test things as you have always done.

New Devices

The “Apps” category takes much of what was in the “System” category before it was created. It is now where you can install and uninstall your applications and programs, plus choose what default apps your Windows 10 operating system has enabled. The taskbar and Start menu tweaks can also be done from here. There are a few different ways to open up the Windows Settings menu in Windows 10. All of the available ways in the guide below are there for you to use in each version of the Windows 10 operating system as well as all software updates that you might be running. You can do all the above settings by simply using Syspectr from O&O.

How To Adjust The Headset Microphone Volume On Windows 10 Pc

If not, there’s one more solution you can try. Open the Run command box by pressing the Windows and R key together on your keyboard. From the left navigation pane, select the Troubleshoot option. If you see an option to turn on Bluetooth there, then congrats.

To set this up, from Settings choose System, Display, and HDR. Note that the options you see on the screen will depend on the HDR support your PC’s display offers. At this point, just about every piece of software out there offers a dark mode. Windows 11 is no different—you can switch to it from Settings by choosing Personalization, Colors, and then opening the drop-down menu next to Choose your mode. If you select Custom, you can use a different mode for applications and for Windows itself.

To be able to answer an incoming call, make sure the Your Phone app is running. Click the Accept button in the notification to pick up the call . Follow our cursor guide to learn how to customize your mouse settings and our Windows Sonic guide for more immersive audio. There’s a chance that Device Manager will return the message “Windows was unable to install your _____”, with a note that it could not find drivers for your device. If this is the case, click “Search updated drivers on Windows Update”. To remedy this, you can perform a manual check for Bluetooth adapter drivers and also search the Windows Update catalog.